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Spider Catchers & Insect Catchers

Who does not know the screeching of the partner because a spider has lost its way back into the apartment. Most of the time, the man then has to come up with a glass or vacuum cleaner and transport the animals to freedom. With the extremely useful "Spider Catcher" or "Snapy" gadget, these moments should be a thing of the past. The spider catcher is very similar to a garbage gripper at the beginning, only that there are small bristles at the end, with which it is easily possible to catch spiders and insects alive.

How the Spider Catcher works

Why are there a lot of spiders in the house?

If you have a lot of spiders in your house or apartment, it means there are a lot of insects too. Spiders go where they can find food and shelter from the cold. Among other things, this is one of the reasons why there are more spiders in your four walls in autumn. Those who prevent insects from crawling in and flying in with bars on windows and doors also prevent their eight-legged predators from moving in.

Why should you save the spider?

Spiders are an important part of nature and our ecosystem. They even do us valuable service. Among other things, spiders catch and devour certain harmful insects that could otherwise invade our homes. Most of the inhabitants of the spider webs, which sometimes hang from the ceilings of our apartments, are neither aggressive nor dangerous and sometimes even free us from their fellows.

Presentation of the products: Spider Catcher and Snapy

Spider Catcher

  • Spidercatcher is a spider and insect catcher
  • Total length: approx. 65 cm
  • environmentally and animal friendly
  • with practical hanger with adhesive pad - including German instructions!

Sonic Technology Bugbuster

  • Use with one 9 Volt DURACELL or ENERGIZER Battery (Not Included)
  • Go Green! Safe Non-Toxic Insect Removal With Gentle Battery Operated BugBuster
  • Gently and Safely Sucks Up Small Bugs, Insects etc.
  • Great science fun and stocking stuffer

Nature Bound Bug Catcher

  • Bug Catcher with LED laser light for day and nighttime play
  • Built in magnifier in both the vacuum and the habitat so you get two toys in one. Great for collecting, exploring, and even classroom use
  • Patented capture core container for trapping bugs, then transport them to your habitat without touching them. A STEM toy for home or classroom
  • Carabineer clip and carrying handle is great for kids ages 3 and above
  • Batteries included in the kit, all in beautiful gift boxes with instructions

Experience and test

Works perfectly. Big spiders are gone and carried outside. You can even grab the wasps at the window and take them out in peace. The only problem with me is that I wanted to remove a spider from an upper corner of the room and that was too high, too close and also too dangerous for me that I couldn't catch it and then it would fall on me. My husband had to answer. But otherwise really great for my spider panic. Clear purchase recommendation !!

Spider Catcher | More reviews can be found here at Amazon

We have been using this device in the family for two years. It works wonderfully. We easily catch mosquitoes, flies, spiders, beetles and much more. Through the transparent cage you can see e.g. Mosquitoes do not come to the device and can be caught ideally and safely. Otherwise you either have the imprint of the slipper or the mosquito including blood on the wall! With this device, everything is very clean and nature-friendly. And educationally it is also valuable. My son learns that small animals also have a right to live. Conclusion: We think it's good and even take it on vacation! ;-))

Snapy | More reviews can be found here at Amazon

Buy insect and spider traps on Amazon

There are a variety of insect traps on Amazon. Here are a few examples, most of which are priced between $ 20 and $ 40:

Tony Allen the inventor of the Spider Catcher

Tony Allen came up with the spider catcher idea after years of hunting spiders with a vacuum cleaner or a rolled up newspaper. He balanced on beds and cupboards to remove the spiders from his son's bedroom.

Product review as Youtube video: